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Our Story

For those survivors fighting the same fight, we are one and the same. Our vision for Reborn Renegade is to create a family of renegades. Warriors wearing the truth on their sleeves screaming recovery is possible. Our mission to the renegade family: “Ask me my story. I am not ashamed, I am not anonymous, I am a Reborn Renegade."

Our clothing for sober living line was designed to encourage individuals to conquer the challenges on their path to recovery and strive for a fulfilling life.

Now is the time to share our story of redemption. We are reborn renegades of the darkness that found clarity in sobriety and you can too.

For us, we are the lucky ones. Some are not so lucky. Our hearts ache for those who are in too deep. They are no longer in control.

If you are in this place and you are reading this please know that there is a way out. We were in that dark place and didn’t want to live, but didn’t want to die, and we had to make a choice. The day we chose recovery our lives changed forever. 

We fell in love all over again after choosing a sober life together. We finally started living, and have forgiven the unforgivable in each other's mistakes. Now  celebrating more years together sober than in the threshold of alcoholism.

We walked in so broken and came out holding all the pieces. We still had to put them back together, in due time. This can happen to you too, the promises of recovery do come true. We are living proof. You are not alone. You have a whole community that is fighting the same fight. 

When you sober up the addict, it is a magnificent power of possibilities. An addict is a critical thinker, they are calculated and dangerous. When you take the element of alcohol or drugs away that clouds their thoughts this creates someone that is capable of greatness. We wish more people knew this. It's like the best kept secret.


Shannon and Carlos Vivero

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